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      Creating a Talent Pipeline to Supercharge the Arc

      In the third instalment of our webinar series with the Arc Universities Group and CBI, we discussed how to create a skills and talent pipeline for the future, to supercharge the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

      30 Mar 2022 WEBINAR

      Wednesday 30th March 2022

      Webinar: 10:30 - 11:45

      Key discussion points:

      • What does the workforce of the future look like?


      • What is the role of universities and businesses in future-proofing the upcoming workforce and bridging skills gaps?


      • Attracting and retaining the right talent through quality of life, the right property for the market, and infrastructure

      Missed the webinar? Watch the recording below...

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      The Future of Life Sciences webinar 


      The Arc Universities Group, CBI and Bidwells joined forces to discuss what the priorities are to develop this sector across the Arc.

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