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      Creating Connective Anchors

      Four part Q&A with Artem Korolev, Managing Director, Mission Street

      19 Feb 2022 Artem Korolev, Managing Director, Mission Street

      1. What is the current state of R&D real estate in the Arc, and how does Mission Street fit in to this picture?

      It’s clear that the R&D sector in Oxford, Cambridge and across the Arc will continue to be critical for the advancement for future medical, scientific and technological breakthroughs on a global level and will continue to be a fundamental pillar of the local and national economy. 

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      2. What are the opportunities and barriers to supplying more commercial R&D real estate?

      To be successful R&D companies need to attract talent.  Thus, the challenge for R&D developers is to deliver space that is not only technically fit for purpose but also well-designed, creating places where people want to work.  Buildings need to be designed with significant flexibility for changing occupier needs, whilst maintaining viability.  The commercial R&D real estate sector is rapidly maturing and innovating and new developments coming forward offer very exciting changes to the somewhat stale science park format of yesterday. 

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      3. How can government support the further provision of science and innovation real estate?

      At a local level, Local Plans need to support continued growth within this sector and facilitate it in a sustainable way, close to existing populations and accessible to multiple modes of transport. It will be critical for spatial strategies to consider making best use of the land available within or close to the City to minimise travel demands, facilitate sustainable travel modes and safeguard sufficient land for R&D. In this regard, it is important to ensure that suitable sites are allocated, but that a suitable pipeline of space is deliverable in a period that can meet demand (i.e. unconstrained by issues of ownership, lease expiries, remediation etc.). 

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      4. What does Mission Street understand as 'knowledge capital' and what are the benefits of being located within a knowledge cluster like the Oxford-Cambridge Arc?

      The Arc is a world leading cluster with key ecosystem anchors (world leading universities and research institutions, medical facilities, existing critical mass of companies and infrastructure), and hosts a diverse mix of companies ranging from spinouts/start-ups, major R&D corporates and synergistic companies supporting the research and development activities.

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