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      Investing in the Arc’s Propensity to Innovate

      Three part Q&A with Pete Gladwell, Group Social Impact and Investment Director, Legal & General

      18 Feb 2022 Pete Gladwell, Group Social Impact and Investment Director, Legal & General

      1. L&G is one of the pioneers of 'inclusive capital’ and has championed social impact investing as a way to address key societal challenges. What has L&G's involvement in the growth and prosperity of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc looked like in past and present, and how will investment factor into this development in the future?

      It goes without saying that L&G has invested a lot in both Oxford and Cambridge over the years. In 2019, we signed a £4bn 50:50 partnership with Oxford University to build homes, workspaces, and research facilities for thousands of new staff and students. We’ve also invested heavily in Cambridge Science Park, providing the essential funding to science and innovation districts which power national prosperity.

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      2. How have these initiatives engaged the social growth of the Arc?

      When L&G make investments, we’re keen to locate both the areas of greatest need. We also target opportunities where wider societal returns will be strongest, screening for positive social impact which lasts. 

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      3.What sort of public infrastructure does L&G invest in? Is investment in hospitals and healthcare, schools and education, as well as public utilities, overlooked in terms of what's required to supercharge the Oxford-Cambridge Arc's growth?

      L&G invests in hospitals, healthcare and education collaboratively with the public sector. We see our greatest social impact when we are a partner, and we’re in discussions with HM Treasury and Homes England to explore new funding models for joint public-private investment to drive greatest national outcomes at the same time as realising strong and consistent returns. 

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