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      Matchmaking Investors with Ideas and Changemakers

      Preventing potentially lifechanging ideas and the creative potential behind them from slipping through our fingers is a huge challenge.

      17 Feb 2022 Yvette Lamidey & Edward Lee, Central Arc Angels

      While we can’t overlook the importance of fostering the right environment for entrepreneurs to thrive, and the ecosystems which can be cultivated through clustering within the Arc’s many science parks, urban centres, and districts of innovation, commercialising research relies on mentorship, advice, and practical guidance. After all, there is no better or more well-equipped teacher than those who have taken a similar journey.

      ‘Matchmaking’ entrepreneurs with advisers and other skilled educators within the Arc’s science and innovation communities opens up meaningful avenues for collaboration. These networks share and co-ordinate knowledge, educate others on the “do’s and dont’s”, and connect budding entrepreneurs with user-friendly routes to finance, prospective partners, and business support. When government assistance is particularly complex to access, especially in the form of R&D tax breaks, these loose-knit forums provide the tools necessary for entrepreneurs in their infancy to navigate available incentives.  

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      While there are many ways to improve upon and expand the potential for innovation in the Arc, through match-making and tacit communities of entrepreneurs, it is a focus on education of both new entrants and potential capital partners which requires encouragement. It will be these investors that give the wings for new ideas to take flight.  


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