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      Breakthrough, but Faster

      We live in an era of just-in-time logistics and near-instant availability of goods and services.

      17 Feb 2022 Dr John Baker, Senior Vice President, Product Portfolio & Innovation, Abcam
      Our purpose is to enable breakthroughs by serving life scientists to achieve their mission, faster. Abcam’s vision is to become the most influential life sciences company for researchers worldwide, supporting research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
      - Alan Hirzel, CEO at Abcam

      We live in an era of just-in-time logistics and near-instant availability of goods and services. Physical retail shopping, hailing a taxi on the street, even cooking dinner – all of these have become optional in a world where almost everything is now on-demand in a way never seen before. Why should it be any different in the world of life science research? Now researchers across academia and industry can rely on the superfast delivery of the biological research tools necessary to continue their work. Abcam is one of those enablers, providing antibodies, assay kits, and other essential tools to researchers, accompanied with a wealth of accurate data.

      Abcam’s success is in many ways a product of an innovative ecosystem that can cultivate and nurture research-related enterprises. Envisaged in 1998 by two Cambridge academics, Jonathan Milner and Tony Kouzarides, as a means of addressing a shortage of research tools of a sufficient quality to study a common and debilitating illness in the UK, breast cancer, Abcam was founded at one side of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

      Abcam’s  early growth was supported by the presence of the capital and mentorship of entrepreneurs like David Cleevely, who provided vital seed-stage funding and expertise as a consultative mentor to the company, and other angel investors within a nurturing and sympathetic research cluster. Abcam is now listed on the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, with a market capitalisation in excess of £3B, and has become one of the most successful life science companies in the world. Today, less than 10% of Abcam’s business is in the UK; the remainder reflects the global distribution of life science research, with ~ 45% in the US, 20% in EMEA, and 20% in China. Abcam’s influence has considerably grown – over half of all life sciences research papers published globally in 2019 cited at least one Abcam product, a truly staggering statistic. In addition, Abcam was recently voted in Glassdoor’s 5 “best places to work in the UK” for the second consecutive year, and recognised as one of “Britain’s most admired companies” by “Management Today”.

      Increasing the understanding of the inner working of cells in the human body is the key to combating many major global public health issues like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

      Companies like Abcam are setting standards in the way discoveries are made and translated into potential benefits for society enabling both academic and industrial laboratories to better understand diseases and improve diagnoses and treatments.

      Biological reagents, such as antibodies, can be supplied with the specificity and consistency required for projects spanning from fundamental research to development, commercial manufacturing and clinical applications. Understanding the details of Abcam’s offerings isn’t necessary to understand its relevance and necessity for research and development in the life sciences in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc and across the world: what’s important to understand is that Abcam offers a ‘bench-to-bedside’ approach allowing scientists to de-risk every stage of the process and accelerate their research programme.

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