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      World-class R&D is in the Arc’s DNA

      Five part Q&A with Sam Hyde, CEO, TTP

      17 Feb 2022 Sam Hyde, CEO, TTP

      1. What is TTP, and who does TTP work with?

      The Technology Partnership (TTP) invents, develops, and manufactures new technologies for clients around the world. Our aim is to maximise technology’s impact through the development of gamechanging new products and bringing these to market, rather than solely scientific discovery, working across high-growth sectors such as life sciences, telecommunications, high value industrial and advanced manufacturing.

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      TTP does a lot of work in the UK, about one-third, and the Oxford-Cambridge Arc is a key source of partners for us.

      2. How does the work undertaken by TTP support new discoveries through to the commercialisation of scientific breakthroughs?

      TTP spots the intersection between commercial application, technological potential, and consumer need. We’re trained to understand everything from the development pathway and the risks of translating emerging technologies into a product, to user need and how these products interact with people.

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      3. Why is the Oxford-Cambridge Arc such an interesting region of scientific enterprise and innovation?

      In the Arc, skills and expertise collides with commercial insight and academic research to create an ecosystem. TTP is a critical part of this ‘glue’, and an important part of the Arc, meeting the needs of enterprises looking to commercialise innovation and training people.  The range of businesses in the Arc provides a strong base of education and experience. There is a strong flow of people between companies that fosters partnerships, broadens training, develops the whole ecosystem.  We recruit from academia, start-ups and corporates, while some of our alumni go on to support start-ups and established corporates to further R&D elsewhere.

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      4. What do you see as being the greatest opportunities and barriers to invention and the commercialisation of new ideas in the Arc?

      The opportunities are in scale, doing what is done well with more regional collaboration. The Arc benefits from huge inward investment, and an extraordinary number of new enterprises; we can do more with the ingredients we already have and there is wider momentum if we invest in skills within the Arc, attract expertise from overseas, and train those people in key areas to be better. These are all essential components of a globally important knowledge region.

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      5. What’s at stake societally for the UK and the wider world, and how has TTP made a difference?

      TTP has been bringing ideas to reality for 35 years, from mobile phones to cell therapies, and has supported thousands of corporates and hundreds of start-ups. We cover a massive spectrum, and we are heavily involved in the next generation of technologies and products that will be the businesses of the future, from neurotechnology, to satellite communications, to renewable energy generation.

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      This will happen. Technology is the pathway to future value and social prosperity. The question is whether this will happen in the Arc.


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