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      Our Think Tank

      Our Think Tank

      We’ve assembled 50 of the leading thinkers from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc to reimagine the region’s economy. But we want to hear from you too.

      Our Radical Capital Think Tank steps beyond the property space and seeks to address the six big picture themes fundamental to the Arc’s success.

      We believe that maximising the potential for innovation within the Oxford-Cambridge Arc would drive an unparalleled rate of return for the UK, not only economically but socially, intergenerationally, and environmentally.


      It is our belief that to ‘supercharge’ the Arc, there are six aspects of ‘capital’ that must be considered collectively by Government, academia, business and real estate.

      Our big thinkers are being given free reign to provide insight and recommendations to local and central government on how to supercharge growth in each of these capital areas.


      Please take a minute or two to provide us with your own ideas and contribute to our Radical Capital report which will be published in early 2022.  

      Let’s supercharge the Arc.


      The Big Picture

      Six capital themes from the biggest thinkers in Academia, Real Estate, Business, Innovation and Science