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      Our Think Tank

      Our Think Tank

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      Radical Capital assembled more than 60 leading thinkers from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc to radically reimagine the UK economy and supercharge the Arc.

      Thought leaders from across science, technology and real estate coming together to identify how the region can truly lead global innovation and UK economic growth for a generation.

      Our 150-page report identifies the areas where Knowledge, Human, Connective, Natural, Future and Global capital can work more cohesively to unlock the region’s true potential.

      Packed full of incisive insights from globally renowned research institutes, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, accelerators, incubators and innovation campuses and real estate providers, Radical Capital is the most comprehensive look at the six big picture themes fundamental to the Arc’s success.

      Our series of in-depth discussions, private roundtables and telephone interviews have helped formulate 35 policy ideas to advance, grow or supercharge the Arc’s economy.

      With the right support from central and local government we believe these recommendations will not simply advance innovation and grow the size of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc economy but be revolutionary in their effects.


      As policy makers and politicians have come to acknowledge, the Arc’s potential is not so easily activated simply through new infrastructure, tax incentives or planning reform.

      To supercharge the Arc and maximise its untapped potential for world-changing research and innovation, we need a radical rethink of how we invest in its economy, its people and their environment.