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      Six capitals/ Human Capital/ Policy Recommendations

      Human Capital - Policy Recommendations

      Policy ideas raised during think tank discussions and shaped by Bidwells and Blackstock; with the potential to Grow, Advance or Supercharge Human Capital in the Arc.

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      • Set up an Arc-wide Skills Task Force with further and higher education bodies working alongside business and industry leaders. Universities with strong relationships to innovators and advanced manufacturing can bring to the table an unparalleled knowledge of the future needs facing the workforce. But the body should be chaired by an industrialist of national standing to set direction and conceive a coherent strategy to deliver.


      • Recommit and provide better national publicity to T-Levels. Pathways to accelerated qualifications and micro credentials provide unprecedented access to technical and vocational skills with a direct application to the future of work.

      • Establish enterprise coordinators to support the development of education at all levels. Primary, secondary and higher education providers should be encouraged to build strong links with local and regional companies, which could take the form of lectures and insight workshops with entrepreneurs, forming part of the regional curriculum.


      • Develop apprenticeship and work shadowing avenues to broaden the existing workforce skills base. The Open University’s collaboration with the NHS illustrates what’s possible when employees have access to consistent training. A culture shift is required to allow retained talent to grow and evolve through interfacing with other companies and challenging existing processes.

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