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      Global Capital

      As we approach an era of unprecedented scientific and technological change, innovation and our creative potential will form the core of our collective identity.

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      Competing on the international stage and transforming the Oxford-Cambridge Arc into a scientific superpower that we can be proud of requires commitment – to investment, to talent and its cultivation, and the patience to capture the Arc’s long-term returns.

      How do elevate the Oxford-Cambridge Arc’s standing as the UK’s irreplaceable engine of innovation?

      Gathering the essential ingredients to elevate the Oxford-Cambridge Arc’s standing as the UK’s capital of innovation, connects us into a global network where the social value is infinite.

      This is our edge; something that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. To take priority in a competitive world of global investment; to attract skills and talent from afar, and to generate social and economic returns that benefit the wider nation, we need to take this opportunity with both hands.



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