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      Connective Capital

      When we think about the connectivity between focal points of innovation across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, it’s assumed that we’d be talking about the ‘hard’ infrastructure with which we are most familiar.

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      However, the roads, rail, and utilities systems which geographically thread together the Arc constitute one piece of a complex ecosystem of knowledge transfer and integration which includes real estate, space for science and technology, regeneration, social and digital (‘soft’) infrastructure, in addition to freight and logistics which are all equally vital to the region’s productivity. The Arc is also home to nationally important infrastructure, including renewable energy facilities and irreplaceable R&D technologies.

      What infrastructure is necessary to maximise knowledge transfer and promote better integration across the region?

      For too long, we’ve failed to appreciate that ‘connectivity’ is something far broader in scope than bridges, beams, roads, and canals. In turn, we’ve neglected the other ‘golden threads’ which make for a stronger and more competitive Arc of innovation. As a holistic community, the Arc must reconcile the requirements of transport and essential infrastructure needed for the order of communities with the social and digital infrastructure which accelerates the region’s creative potential. 



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