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      Knowledge Capital
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      Knowledge Capital

      Innovation and scientific discovery in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc has the potential to be world-changing. A stronger, more cohesive ‘Triple Helix’ relationship between academia, private enterprise, and public sector collaboration, catalysed within science parks and innovation districts and empowered by investment, assemble to make it easier to source, invest in and commercialise new ideas.

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      What are the essential ingredients required to create and streamline a region-wide ecosystem? How can we thicken ties between academia, enterprise, and public organisations? What will it take to root out and support emerging ideas in their infancy? What challenges stand in the way of a more competitive and innovation-friendly Arc?

      How do we unleash an untapped potential for world-leading innovation that can change everyday lives for the better?

      Because of the global interest in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, and its relationship with London, the obstacles which may constrain the transformative growth of the Arc are inseparable from the health and vitality of the national economy at large.

      In practice, this means making it as frictionless as possible to invest in new and established enterprises in the Arc, creating the pathways to private and public funding; forging innovation ecosystems to promote regional clustering, and replicating these mechanisms across the Arc - are all necessary to develop and germinate our indispensable knowledge capital.



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