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      Sovereign Wealth, Regional Success

      Ancient institutions and the UK’s giants of academia, like Oxford and Cambridge, are not built overnight. Over centuries, these ecosystems have cultivated a culture and global identity with a steady hand. This patience is a driving force of the past, present, and future of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

      22 Feb 2022 Iain Keys, Partner, Fund Management, Bidwells

      Patient capital – a long-term commitment to investment in the anticipation of greater financial, social and environmental returns – is faith in the principal, vision and outcome. To be world-leading, the disparate clusters curated across the Arc must come together with a regional proposition that harnesses its scale.  

      This is a 30-year mission that’ll be worth the wait, requiring substantial investment into infrastructure, housing, and commercial space to support the growth of research and development, which needs domestic and international capital partners who can commit to the long-term outlook.  

      Whilst many institutional investors have short-to-medium term investment criteria, the patient capital of sovereign wealth funds is well-aligned to the challenge that scalability of the Arc presents.

      Some of the greatest examples of sovereign wealth funds – the Norwegian Government Pension Fund (SWF), the UAE’s Abu Dhabi Investment Authority or the Singaporean GIC – are only a few decades old, but already manage assets in the hundreds and thousands of billions.  

      According to recent research by the Financial Times, Norway’s SWF is now almost four times larger than the country’s GDP and its annual payments represent a quarter of the state budget. Just as the Arc represents a magnet for UK inward investment, it’s a long-term investment proposition for sovereign wealth funds, a significant asset to the British economy and the source of some of the cutting-edge research and start-ups in emerging sectors that will help to drive global growth and development over the next century.   


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