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      A Skills Revolution?

      In the messy conflict between those who would not change and those who cannot wait, revolutions usually reveal their full nature only after they’re done; after the cordite has cleared.

      18 Feb 2022 Alistair Lomax, Director, Arc Universities Group

      When we think of the future of work, we tend to default to the worst possible outcome. I, Robot, Blade Runner, Ex-Machina, and A.I., present a dystopian reality where unrestricted technology undermines and eventually usurps the role of the worker. But is it really all that bad?

      It is true that the makeup of the workforce is changing. According to techUK, the rate of digital and technology-intensive jobs is growing at more than double the pace of traditional jobs.

      The government’s Digital Economy Council has also observed that advertisements for job roles in technology and digital fields have increased by 36% since June 2020.This also reflects how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this transitional demand in favour higher-skilled, ‘digital-compatible’ labour. Investment in the ingredients of the so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - like life sciences, consumer software, cybersecurity, robotics, and artificial intelligence - is a lodestone of Westminster’s ‘Levelling Up’ agenda. This is more of a revolution than a fleeting trend. 

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