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      Six part Q&A with Martin Garratt, Chief Executive, Cambridge Cleantech

      20 Feb 2022 Martin Garratt, Chief Executive, Cambridge Cleantech

      1. How does Cambridge Cleantech work to promote environmental sustainability within the Arc?

      Cambridge Cleantech is the UK’s longest standing membership network supporting the growth of the low carbon sector. We work with partners across the arc to strengthen the growth of businesses focusing on sustainability. We count more than 250 innovator members and 60-plus corporates among our members.

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      2. How does co-location with the University of Cambridge help Cambridge Cleantech to achieve its aims? 

      Several members of Cambridge Cleantech have spun out of academic research and incubation at Cambridge University including Camnexus, Aurelius Technologies, DZP Technologies, Reforestum and BlueTap. 

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      3. What benefits are there in an organisation that combines private, public and academic stakeholders?

      Cambridge Cleantech has played a pivotal role in supporting collaboration across industry, academia and local government over the last 10 years, creating a pool of expertise, knowledge and peer-to-peer collaboration in the low carbon sector. 

      Shadow Environment Minister Daniel Zeichner spoke at the Cleantech Futures conference in October 2021 and has been a long-time supporter of our work.

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      4. What are some recent success stories for Cambridge Cleantech?

      Cambridge Cleantech works with a range of partners across the public sector, academic, corporate and entrepreneurs and with the support of our cluster partners across north west Europe we have introduced over a 100 corporates to innovative SMEs, including the likes of ARM, Anglian Water, Saint-Gobain and Johnson Matthey.

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      5. What do you see as the future of clean tech and sustainability in the Arc?

      With the impetus on funding cleantech innovations and the UK government’s push for clean growth, we expect that in the coming years there will be substantial investment into the cleantech and sustainability sector. Cleantech businesses have the solutions we need to solve some of the most pressing global challenges and to reduce the impact of climate change. 

      6. What changes would you like to see to make the Arc a more sustainable and innovative place? 

      Companies across the Arc should lead by examples in implementing a sustainability policy. Any new transport and building infrastructure should be developed in compliance with the highest environmental standards. If local authorities and stakeholders can send a strong message that the Arc is a sustainable and innovation-friendly region, this will attract other companies and investment into the region. 

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